Deacon Bill's Winery and Brewhaus

I began brewing my own beer over 25 years ago. I later started making my own wine about 10 years ago. One of the fun aspects of doing these hobbies is to package the product. This became as important as the wine or beer itself as most of it was given away as gifts. Unfortunately, I don't have all of my beer and wine label files anymore, but what I do have are archived on this site for your enjoyment. 

This is a new work in progress, so please stop back soon.


When I was in the US Navy in the late seventies and early eighties, my buddies and I drank McEwan's Scottish Ale. It was a bit pricey by most standards at about $1.00 a bottle, but we usually pitched in and got it at a better price at the commissary.

When I got out and returned with my wife and family to Omaha, NE, the only McEwan's I could find was a dusty six pack in a specialty wine store at a whopping $16.00 a six pack!

I came home and declared I will not be drinking Scottish Ales any more.

Soon after, on a family vacation, we toured a major brewery. As the tour guide was explaining just how beer was made, I turned to my wife and said "Any idiot should be able to do this".

when we got home, I found a brewing supply store in town, bought a nice starter kit and now, some 60 or 70 batches later, i brew some pretty decent beer and an excellent Wee Heavy Scotch Ale.

Having tasted my first Chimey, I was soon on to brewing all sorts of Belgian style beers, and of course I always have a nice stout on tap.

Making wine came later. My wife was never all that fond of beer, but preferred wine. I thought that wine would be too difficult and I simply didn't want to mess with it. So we simply bought a bottle when in the mood.

Once I found my first wine kit and had success my first time around, I was hooked. I still stick to the kits for more traditional wines, but will make other fruit wines from most anything I can find.