Once I racked the Pear-Apricot wine into glass, I used the fruit and yeast that remained to start a 5 gallon batch of Beet Wine. I chose a root veggie because I didn't want to mess with pectin enzyme. A curious form of lazy. There weren't enough fresh beets in Kearney to do the job. Amazing! So I tried canned. I used distilled water instead of tap because of the sodium in the canned beets. Here's the recipe:


11 14oz cans of sliced beets
2 cans of frozen concord grape juice concentrate
10 lbs of sugar
5 tablespoons acid blend
1 tablespoon tannin
Spent fruit and active yeast from Pear-Apricot wine


Strain the juice into the fermentor from the cans of beets using a pair of panty hose to catch the beets. Tie off the hose and crush the beets with clean hands. Add distilled water to make 5 gallons. Stir in sugar, acid blend and tannin thawed grape concentrate.

Seal fermentor and place airlock.

Bust the cap once or twice a day for one week. Strain the fruit and beets. (discard the fruit, retain the beets. Gonna make another batch of wine)

Move to glass carboy, seal with airlock and cover or protect from light.


Rack every two to three months into sanitized 5 gallon glass carboy, topping with sterile simple syrup.

At about the 8 month mark, if fermentation is stable, add sodium bisulfite and potassium bisulfite with sparkloid according to instructions.
Rack twice in the next two weeks.

Filter and bottle.

Enjoy in a few more months.