I began my adventures into winemaking about 8 years ago when I was living in Omaha, NE. We lived on Seward Street, and so I labeled my bottles as coming from the Seward Street Winery and Brewhaus. It was cute, catchy and had a nice ring to it.

Since relocating to Kearney, NE just a little under a year ago, I have continued my wine and beer making in the basement of our new trappings out here on the prairie.

I have made a wonderful oatmeal stout, a very hoppy pale ale and an American ale for the wife. I've also made a nice batch of Raspberry wine and a nice Viognier, all dubbed as coming from the Seward Street location.

Today I bottled a blended red which is going to be very yummy once it has had some bottle time. However, it was time to just bite the bullet and abandon the Seward Street tag and make a statement about the wines I am making in my new local.

So today I bottled a Sandhills Red from the newly named Three Cranes Winery, so named after the Sandhill Cranes that just finished their annual migration through the area. There were an estimated 600,000 cranes that made their way north through a narrow swatch of the Midwest that includes the Kearney area.

Here's hoping for many years of good living in this pleasant community and many more wines coming from my basement winery and brewhaus!