Tonight I began making a batch of Sherry from dried fruit. I had done this before, some years ago. In fact it turned out very good, or so says my wife who enjoys a nice glass of Medium Sherry. I don't care for the stuff myself. Dried fruits (non-oiled) work very well as Sherry is a wine that accepts oxidation, and the fruit is often already oxidized.

I'm going to write this post over time as the wine will need to have numerous adjustments over the next year.

I started with course chopped dried fruit

48oz of raisins
  2 oz of dried apricots
  1 oz of dried currants
  8 oz of dried whole dates
  5 oz of dried mission figs

 I added 4 gallons of boiling water and 5 lbs of sugar.  At least 1 gallon will be absorbed by the fruit.

I will adjust pH and add yeast nutrient tomorrow, followed by  champagne yeast. Flor-Sherry yeast is no longer available.
I will likely oak treat the wine at some point (perhaps a week or two off the fruit but before secondary. I don't expect to bottle this for at least a year or so, so be patient and follow along if you would like.